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Reasons to Use Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a new part of the medical field whose sole focus is to use one’s own body to administer treatment through replacement or regeneration. This is a promising medicine field used to treat a variety of conditions including chronic pain. Regenerative medicine is a treatment method that combines science with medicine to find ways for the body to heal itself using its resources. Though a new field that is not yet fully understood, regenerative medicine promises lots of benefits including the ones elaborated below.

The regenerative treatment method applied usually depend on the nature of the injury or condition to be treated, but it can heal body injuries. Most commonly used treatment methods are usually focused on managing chronic pain because they cannot find a solution, however, with regenerative medicine this pain is healed instead of being managed. Platelets are usually responsible for the healing of injured areas, and through regenerative medicine, these platelets are transferred to the injured areas aiding in their healing and hence patients experience less pain like with traditional treatment methods.

Collagen is responsible for strengthening tendons and tissues in the body that connects the bones and muscles, through regenerative medicine, there can be increased production of tendons and tissues. When you have strong joints, you are perfectly able to move freely over a long distance and this can be aided by regenerative medicine that promotes the production of tendons and tissues that surround your joints, increasing your range of motion. Regenerative medicine can help reduce the risk of future injuries by strengthening tendons and tissues around your joints.

The growth factors used in regenerative medicine help jumpstart the regenerative process of tissues and tendons leading faster healing which also allow you to resume your life faster. For the elderly and those with health conditions for which surgery is not recommended, regenerative medicine is proving to be a good option because it is slowly showing positive signs of treating these regenerative conditions without surgery. For those looking to instantly resume their life like sports professionals or do not want to undergo the complications of the surgery, regenerative medicine offers a better and more practical option.

Regenerative medicine offers long term treatment results to a patient who undergoes the treatment and can be easily treated if the need arises. Regenerative medicine can replace the traditional organ transplantation is not usually the best as it requires patients to live on immunosuppressant drugs. Because regenerative medicine promotes the formation of new organs in the body, it does not require donor organs to heal conditions in the body like the other treatment methods and thus reducing the need. Regenerative medicine comes with the advantages discussed in this article.

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