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Tips When you Get Stopped for DUI.

As dangerous as it is many people still drink alcohol above the regulated limit and still decide to drive themselves home. Below are some guidelines on what to if you get pulled over on the suspicion of DUI.
Pulling over to the side of the road on a calm and safe manner is the first thing you ought to do when a police officer signals you to do so. Once the car comes to a complete halt, switch off the engine and keep both hands on the wheel. Keep in mind that the officer has been keeping an eye on you and every move you make goes into his report if he or she will have to book you. Avoid making sudden moves in once you stop or show any sign of frustration as this would make the officer nervous. The cop should be the one to approach you and for this reason, stay in your car and simply lower your window.
The second thing you need to do is remain polite and respectful to the police officer. Anything contrary to this such as anger, disrespect, use of harsh language or lack of cooperation will certainly make the situation worse and you may get arrested. Only speak when spoken to by the officer as this reduces the chance of suspicion from the cop. Acting and being too friendly sells you out to the cop as not being in the right state of mind and you ought to avoid this completely.
It would be a wise step if you avoid incriminating yourself. Cops are smart and they will try making you incriminate yourself from the fact that you are nervous. The only info you are obligated to give to the officer is your license, registration and your name. It is within your rights that you respectfully decline to answer any questions from the officer. You do have the right to remain silent and you may decline giving the police officer information on the number of drinks you have had.
The police officer may take you through the field sobriety test to assess if you are drunk and you can n refuse to take it as it may prove you are drunk. This prompts an arrest and you are taken to the police station. Comply with the arrest as resisting will add to the offenses committed.
After arriving at the station, request to speak to your lawyer after being booked. DUI is not a criminal offense but you can only be charged in court. In order to avoid doing time, paying hefty fines or being behind bars, avoid DUI.