How to Save Money While Crossing Off Travel Destinations from Your Bucket List

Everyone has their destination bucket lists. You know, those places you want to go before you kick the proverbial bucket. That said, traveling anywhere can get expensive if you don’t know how to conserve and budget your expenses from one destination to another. This article gives you a little help in learning how to save money while crossing off travel destinations on your bucket list.

Check Out What’s Free in Your Prospective Destinations, i.e. Festivals, Park Celebrations, Museum Theme Days, etc.

Most cities play host to annual celebrations, themed days at museums, festivals, and other fun stuff around town. It’s what makes a place thrive as an awesome community. Ergo, you should go on your local community website or social media page for updates on free events happening in your area. If hometown exploration is a bucket list aim, this is a great low-cost way to do that.

Invest in a Hotel Room with a Kitchenette to Bulk-Make Meals and Avoid Excessive Dining Out

When crossing off bucket list destinations, try to find hotel rooms that feature an all-inclusive price for a kitchenette—like Bald Head Island rentals, for example. This allows you to bulk-make in-room meals, cutting out excessive dining out. Sure, you should absolutely experience the cuisine of your destination. But make it special with a dine-out meal for dinner one day, another dine-out meal for the next day, etc. Don’t drop all of your travel dough on meals.

Tip: Ask locals about the best places to eat or be entertained. Then map out your intended locations for an idea of a budget to follow while you’re there.

Don’t Constantly Place Hop—Spend a Week Here, a Week There, One More Week Somewhere Else, Then Head Home

Cruises are great ways to experience several different destinations in a short span of time. But another way is to plan four destinations for the four weeks of a month. Then go home. Every week make the week to somewhere new on your bucket list—over the course of four weeks. This is a great way to use vacation time and you’ll be happy to be home and comfortable at the end of it.

Tip: Spread your destinations over the course of summers throughout years. Instead of cramming all of your destinations into a single month, plan your vacations for the next three years or so.