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What you should know about Different types of Mooring Chains.

Mooring chains have different types of fittings and chains. It is easier for one to choose the best compound to use since there are many grades to choose from according to what one likes most.

The manufacturers are able to mound mooring chains of different strengths. A manufacturing company will be able to manufacture items looking the same but with different strengths by using heat treatments which are not the same and different steels. The mooring chains are very strong to be used in the marine environments when compared to other types of chains.

When manufacturing mooring chains, you do not use the same fitting and strengths to all types of chains since they have different functionalities. The strongest chain is made to be used in a machine but not by someone using bare hands. The chain is too heavy to be held on bare hands, or pulled. If you use it on your bare hands without any protection, you might be injured.

Firms which manufacture the chains, produce different types of chains. People use the mooring chains differently comparing their sizes. When buying a mooring chain it would be best if you know the different types of chains we have to avoid buying the wrong one.

The short link mooring chain is used all over the world. This type of chain has its links on the outside dimensions, the links are less than the original diameter of the material used to manufacture them. The short link is not long, but heavy and strong enough to enable easier anchoring. The links are shorter to accept shackles of all sizes. Fittings which have larger ends, can be used with the short link chains.

The mid link are samples of mooring chains which have outer dimensions measuring six times less than the original material. They are the best compromise, since they have more benefits when compared to the short links. The mid chains are compatible with shackles of the same size without using ends links which are special.

The long link chains are another type of mooring chains with an outer dimension measuring less than the diameter of the material used to manufacture. They have the most variable dimension since they can fit well with large range of the same fittings without forcing one to use special links on them.

However the long links do not weigh much. They are best used in vessels which do not do heavy duties. The chain can serve someone best when used in a marine vessel which does not do heavy duties.
Mooring chains are made up of material which takes long before it wears out. Before you get any mooring chain for use, get some advice from someone who knows more about the chains.

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