Cultural Activities in Kolkata Are Held From Time To Time

Culture is a way of life common to a particular people and it is based on the social tradition which is embodied in its institutions and its history. There is yet another concept of culture which is stated to be harmonious development of human nature by the cultivation of mind. It is a quest for vision and understanding – a conditioning of conscious self to understand and create whatever is worthwhile. The culture of an individual is safeguarded by cultural aspects of his nation, by its traditions exemplified in its institutions, literature and society. It is in fact enriched by the contribution of its great men of art and social activists. But there has always been a fear that the science and technology might ruin the culture especially the different kinds of art.

Important traditions of Indian painting include the murals of Ajanta, Ellora and other frescoes, the Buddhist plain leaf manuscripts, the Jain texts, the Mughal and Rajput art and architecture and the ancient schools. The Renaissance in Bengal and the modern trends has brought it to the present. On the other hand, the modern trends in Europe and elsewhere have been influenced by the Indian painting and therefore the themes have been successfully revived and accepted. Significantly, Bengal has played a vital role in its enrichment. The painters in Kolkata have left a deep impression on the minds of several other aspiring painters in India. If one really wants to perceive the excellence of Indian art, he needs to visit the ancient temples, mosques and other monuments which dot the Indian landscape.

The cultural activities play a pivotal role in taking individuals nearer to the cultural aspects of life. Its promotion has therefore become very necessary especially amongst the youth of the country. Most of the good schools have understood its vitality and they have added it as an important part of the curriculum. They have started organizing cultural activities in Kolkata and as such the students participate in them with full enthusiasm. The various forms of cultural activities such as the dance, drama, painting, singing etc are being staged in various parts of the city from time to time. In this way, the children are able to showcase their talent. Who knows we may get the next M.F. Husain of India.

But mere recognizing of one’s talent is not going to help if one does not take it seriously. You need to work hard in that direction and take professional guidance if necessary. The paintersare assisting all those in realizing their dreams who want to take it as a profession and source of earning. Painting is such an art which has no end for perfection. There is always a scope for improvement. Gone are those days when painters and artists were regarded as mere ordinary people. Wisata Bromo The cultural activities are also bringing a sense of competition amongst the various participants to do better than the rest. This thought is proving a blessing in disguise for cultural embellishment. It is also motivating the youngsters to take a stride forward in this direction.