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Tailor Made Travels to Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world and it is also the most populous. Unlike the other continents, Asia is an extremely diverse continent, not just geographically, but also culturally, in terms of religion, economies etc. It is witnessing high population and economical growth rates and will continue to grow at a fast pace in the future too.

Asia – Mysticism and Enigma

Asia has always been regarded as a somewhat mystical and enigmatic region. This aura continues to draw travellers to it from across the globe. There are many countries in Asia that are key tourist destinations. One can either choose an off-the-shelf package from an agent, or choose the more personalised option of tailor made travels to Asia.

India – Asia’s Jewel

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in not only Asia, but the world. In fact, inbound travel in India is growing at a fantastic rate. Owing to greater focus by its government on tourism, better infrastructure, heightened security measures and the general charm of the country, more and more tourists are planning their holidays to this mystical place. India, just like Asia, does not stand for one culture or for a homogenous population. India is a continent in itself. The sheer size of the country, coupled with its diversity, makes a journey to India an endeavour that cannot be completed in one go. The Himalayas comprise of breathtaking destinations like Leh-Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh. Northern India houses the dynamic capital city …